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The Next Revolution

by Dr. Hans-Joachim Rudolph (MD), Microvita Research e.V.

In the 16th and 17th century, Scientific Revolution transformed ancient and medieval views of nature and laid the foundation for modern science. Therein Isaac Newton explained gravity, inertia and the laws of motion, bringing together in one explanatory system the astronomy of Copernicus and Kepler with the physics of Galileo. His system was so convincing that it even provided blueprints for Adam Smith who pioneered modern economics, correlating his “invisible hand of the market” with the gravitational force that rules the solar system. Similarly, the modern concepts of atomism provided the blueprints for the materialism and capitalism of our times, culminating in claims, such as that consciousness is nothing but an epiphenomenon of matter. Moreover, these views gave birth to weapons of mass destruction - physically (H-bomb), psychologically (media mass control) and economically (collateralized debt obligations - CDOs).

On the other hand, the anti-modern movements are numerous and as old as modernity itself. They usually refer to traditional values, devoid of a realistic outlook of the future. On the whole, they are unable to succeed, which turns out to be the dilemma of our times, affecting almost everyone: Hope usually prevails in its conflict with regret. 

In this situation, the proposed concept of Microvita is decisive, insofar as it drives modernity to a point where it is no longer supporting the self-destructive individualism, materialism and capitalism. But it does not do so by referring to the past, rather it builds on the latest achievements of modern science: 

Microvita are supposed to exist in a complex space-time, which means that real and imaginary values are basically on equal footing. Consequently, real values are the roots of what we call matter, and in turn, imaginary values give rise to everything abstract in this world. Nevertheless, both of them are intensely interconnected, which is performed by minute entities, modelled as tensor operators.

Living beings exist in the real as well as in the imaginary world, in the world of matter and that of abstract. The laws in the world of matter are mostly well-known. In the world of abstract, however, information based on imaginary values is able to spread without being limited by the speed of light. This not only creates a fundamental interconnectedness of all living beings, but also retrocausality, which can act on us like a causa finalis.

Another novelty is that atomic nuclei are not based on quarks but on Microvita. They are the minute operators, interconnecting the abstract with the real world, thereby creating and annihilating pairs of virtual gluons, which add up to the well-known nuclear mass values. In this way, the evolution of matter is based on the world of the abstract and the evolution of the abstract is based on the world of matter. Human mental and spiritual faculties evolve from this intimate interplay.

Based on such a renewed science of reality, all forms of exaggerated materialism, individualism and capitalism should lose grounds and finally dissolve into nothingness.


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